(Free Dove Release for armed services personnel)

Memorial White Dove releases primarily signify PEACE.
What better symbol for a memorial for our Armed Forces, Police and Fire Service, personnel who have been lost
in the most selfless way, protecting others.
These releases can be done at the graveside, at the
church, crematorium or anywhere of your choosing, as long as it is outside.

We approach each service as if the loved one lost were
one of our own family.

    1 Dove Release - A single dove is released ether
by hand or from a basket representing the spirit of
the loved one.

    2 Dove Release - 2 doves are released when the departed is the second of a couple, symbolizing the
couple joining together again, to continue on their
journey re-united.

  3 Dove + 1 release - This very special release, symbolizes
the father, the son and the holy spirit, these 3 are released first, then a friend or family member releases a single dove, which joins the other 3 as they circle above, the single
dove representing the spirit of your loved one being escorted to heaven.

   10 Dove flock + 1 Release - 10 Doves are released,
and circle overhead. Then a close Friend or relative
releases a single white dove. The doves then unite, symbolizing the angels escorting your loved one on their spiritual journey home.

If you are unable to make it to a funeral, due to
problems traveling or illness, you could still take part. 
We can arrange a private single Dove release at your home, for you to say a private and personal goodbye
in a very special way, at the time of the service.
You can play a part in the proceedings by sending us to do a dove release at the service on your behalf.
(see our packages)
Creating Lasting Memories
C Janice Reid 2012-16
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