Please read the information below before making a booking:

1) 50% of the price quoted is required as a booking deposit, this is non refundable. 
The balance is due one calendar month before your Ceremony or Event.  Excluding Funerals, when the full amount is due when booking.
(due to the short period involved)

2) Written confirmation of your order will be sent to you, via email, on receipt of you booking deposit.  If there are any errors or you wish to change your order, please let us know no later than one calendar month before your Ceremony or Event

3) We will not release our birds indoors, at dusk, near extensive electricity cables, into high wind, fog, heavy rain or during an electrical storm. In the event of any of the above conditions on the day, we reserve the right to not to release the birds. In this scenario, we will still arrive and have the doves on display, have photos taken, gather your guests for the poetry reading,  A part refund will be given - the amount depends on the distance from our lofts. The amount will be
stated on your quotation at time of booking.

4) Our birds must have time to get home before it is dark, so we will inform you of the latest time of the day they can be released, on the quotation, please be sure to look at this time limit and make sure it fits in with your plans for the day.

5) Should there be an unreasonable delay in proceedings that is beyond our control, we reserve the right to release the birds early, to avoid causing them any distress, and no refund given.

6) Cancellation by you, less than 4 weeks before the ceremony or event, full payment will still be due and no refunds given.  If we are able to re book the date 50% of the payment will be

7) Cancellation by us due to unforeseen circumstances, a full refund will be given.

8) Our Birds are fed a special diet the day prior to your ceremony or event; this reduces the chance of the birds needing a poo. However, we cannot accept any responsibility should the Doves decide they need to go.  We can supply a cloth to place over your clothes to protect them if required.

9) We need to be advised beforehand if you do not wish to handle the Doves, as we need to bring the correct release baskets.

10) An experienced handler will attend every ceremony or event.  He will be dressed to suit your ceremony or event and will show you how to hold and release the birds.

11) We may attend a number of ceremonies or events in one day, so it is important that you are as accurate as you can be, regarding the time of the release, when you make the booking. 
Long delays may make us late for another customer which would be very unfair and any
compensation we have to pay will be your responsibility.

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