Here at 'Dove Release UK' we can provide beautiful
fantail doves for display cages and specially trained white homing birds for the actual release.

This can be for the bride and groom only, or everyone
in the main wedding party. 
We can also provide flocks of up to 30 birds,
released from a Dove basket.
(see our packages)

'it's an amazing sight'

You choose whether to release the birds by hand or
from a beautifully decorated basket.

We have a nice choice of baskets and display cages
to choose from.  Also if you have a theme, or particular colour scheme, we are happy to colour    co-ordinate with your wedding party.

Let the snow white doves be a part of your
fairy tale day and their magical beauty will create a memory which you and your quests will carry with them
for a lifetime!
Creating Lasting Memories
C  J Reid 2012-16
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