Funeral Ceremony Packages: (free option (a) for funerals of lost armed forces personnel)

a) 1 Single White Dove released after the funeral service or at the grave side, either from a beautifully decorated cage or by hand by a chosen family member or friend.  This single Dove symbolizes your loved ones spririt making it's way to the next part of his/her journey.
Price 109 + travel
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b) 2 White Doves are released in the same way as package (a) but usually when the departed
is the second of a couple, symbolizing the couple joining together again, to continue on their journey, re-united.
Price 129 + travel
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c) 3 Dove + 1 release - This very special religious release, symbolizes the father, the son and the holy spirit, so these 3 birds are released first, then a friend or family member releases a single dove, which joins the other 3 as they circle above, the single dove representing the spirit of your loved one being escorted to heaven.
Price 159 + travel
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d) 10 Dove + 1 Release - 10 Doves are released from two beautifully decorated baskets, and   circle overhead. Then a close Friend or relative releases a single White Dove. The doves then    unite, symbolizing the angels escorting your loved one on their spiritual journey home.
Price 199 + travel
(see travel charges)  BOOK ONLINE

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