Vow Renewal Ceremony Packages:
a) 1 Dove each for the happy couple renewing their vows, to release.  The Doves are presented in
a beautifully decorated cage and are either released from the cage or by hand, by the Bride and Groom.  The release takes place after a poem has been read out by the person of your choice, which explains the significance of a Dove release to the Happy couple.  A framed copy of this poem is presented to the Bride and Groom for them to keep. Pictures can be taken at this time, before the birds are released, then again as the birds are released. 
Price 129 + travel
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b) All of Package (a) with the addition of 2 more Doves, 1 each for the Best Man and The Maid of honor.  All can be released from a presentation basket or by hand individually.
Price 169 + travel
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c) All of package (a) + (b) with the addition of 10 Dove Flock release, symbolizing the remainder of your guests joining in to celebrate the renewal of your vows and wishing you all that releasing Doves brings.
Price 279 + travel
(see travel charges)  BOOK ONLINE

d) All of Package (c), excluding package (b). So the Bride and Groom Doves and a 10 bird Flock release.
Price 229 + travel
(see travel charges) BOOK ONLINE

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